About Me

Born in May 1st, 1992 in Semarang, I stay for 14 years in a small town of Pati, located 75 kilometres East of Semarang. First and last son of my parents, I graduated from TK Pertiwi, SD Pati Kidul 4, and SMP 3 Pati, all located in Pati. Now I studied at SMA 3 Semarang 12th grader and had been succeeded in ITB regional selection test. My dream is to improve Indonesian technological sector so that it won't left behind in this globalization era.

May 07, 2009


Finally, after 4 days of School Examination,
I was able to log in again here. T.T

For all of my blog's reader, please, wish me luck for my exam,
because I have several difficulties on my Civic test.

Anyway, welcome again, my dear blog.
since last Friday, I have done some interesting activities,

attending my friend's 17th birthday party,
attending a scout competition at my school
addicted, VERY addicted to an online game,
Lineage II

My friend's birthday party was held on last Saturday.
We have a dinner party at Tanjung Restaurant, near my school.
on that party, i was forced to play a games, licking chocolate spread around my mouth.
but, fortunately after that game I got a nice handphone pendant as a reward

On Sunday, I attended a scout competition, called GPLA
"Ganesha Pramodya Laksana Adidharma"
It's a routine competition, held every year on SMA 3
The participant alternate ever year, between SMA and SMP student
This year we also have a drawing competition between SLB students
It's nice to watch, so if any of you have a time next year, go visit us.

Since last week I was addicted to an online game.
Yeah, I had already experienced this before, with Ragnarok, Seal, and Audition Online
but this game, Lineage 2, is totally awesome!
if you play this game on Bartz server, please wisp me
my ID is AgiLL, warrior, level 30. Clan Six Wings
Wisp me and I'll add you to my friend list!

maybe on next post I will post about this game. But now, I have nothing more to say.
So, enjoy your week folks!

May 01, 2009


Happy Birthday to me..
Happy Birthday to me..
Happy Birthday Dear Myself..
Happy Birthday to me..

hi folks!
I'm 17 now, starting from 5.00 AM today.

I received a lot of messages from my friends and family
and that made me even happier now!
I have good friends and caring family
You know what most of my friend said when greet me?
They asked me to trait them

Actually I wanted to do that too
unfortunately, my budget is getting thinner and thinner
So, I can't do that soon. Maybe later.

I already had my best present for my birthday
A seat on ITB.
And best people around me!
Happy Birthday, Me!

April 30, 2009

Open House

Hi Folks, welcome to my blog!
Task from ICT Teacher of SMA 3 Semarang mostly
inspired me to make this blog.
Although I also wanted to make blog seriously
since my first 'nightmare' blog.
All post in this blog will be in English, because of these reasons:
1. English improvements needed
2. Desire in difference from most of my friend's blog
3. Make blog in English is way easier than in Indonesian, because no need to decide which one's better. "aku" , "saya" or "gue"
4. I want to brag to my friends, that's all ^^
Anyway, I'm still newbie here.
So, if I make some mistake, or you have some advice, I'll be glad to accept it.
Finally, I have nothing to say except :
enjoy my blog!